Spa-Jet™ hydro therapy massage bed


The synergy of advanced technology with traditional cosmetic products provides a truly unique advantage. The Spa-Jet™ system can be used with any water-soluble and micronized cosmetic product line. For example, a standard protocol treatment may start with a gommage with an exfoliating sea salt, followed by a mud, clay or seaweed body mask application to detoxify, revitalise and nourish the skin; all the while, receiving the benefits of oligo-elements/minerals and essential oils diffusion. Rinsing the customer at various temperatures is easily managed with the hand-held shower.

Weight loss – Detoxification – Cellulite Reduction

The association of the different therapies allows:

  • Burning of calories through thermogenesis
  • Stimulation of blood circulation and metabolism
  • Draining of toxins and excess fluids and waste products

Combined with specific products containing weight-loss, detoxifying, and cellulite reduction properties, the purification of the tissues is enhanced, resulting in the acceleration of the weight loss process.

Firming – Revitalising – Dynamization

By combining the relaxing, steady warmth and stimulating hydrotherapy experience with seaweed or gel applications, the absorption of the detoxifying ingredients is greatly heightened, leaving the skin firm and revitalised.

Nourish – Remineralisation – Softening

With the added boost of an effective heat and hydrotherapy treatment, products rich in vitamins and minerals will leave even the most damaged or congested skin fresher, cleaner, more hydrated and glowing with health.


Anti-aging treatments are dramatically enhanced with the Spa-Jet™. The intensive hyperemia, moisturising, toning, improved elasticity and total skin nourishment provided by Hydrofusion™ stimulates the development of collagen, creating a soft, youthful skin texture.

Hot/Cold water treatments

Combined with adapted product formulations, water based therapies will help stimulate, energise of soothe your clients from a variety of ailments such as rheumatism and arthritis as well as enhance and speed up the healing process of injuries and surgery.

Spa-Jet hydro therapy and water massage

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