Spa-Jet™ hydro therapy massage bed

Session example


Hydro therapy massage session 01 Before the start of the treatment, blend some essential oils in the aroma-cups. These will be diffused through the steam. To personalise and perfect the treatment, you can add minerals or oligo-elements in a specially designed reservoir. These will be diffused via the tropical rain/mist system.
2 Hydro therapy massage session 02 Your customer will then lie comfortably on the ergonomic mattress. Begin the treatment by gently exfoliating the skin, getting rid of all dead skin cells.
3 Hydro therapy massage session 03 Followed by a light rinse using the hand-held shower, your customer is now ready to receive the active products.
4 Hydro therapy massage session 04 Apply an oil in the direction of the heart to enhance drainage and thus eliminate toxins.
5 Hydro therapy massage session 05 Over this oil, apply a seaweed mask containing spirulina, for a detoxifying and slimming action.
6 Hydro therapy massage session 06 Close the Spa-Jet™ and select one of the 10 programs at your disposal. Your customer is now ready for a 30 minute voyage in a dim light environment.
7 Hydro therapy massage session 07 During 30 minutes, your customer will bathe in steam combined with with infra-red heat for an indepth action. The vibrating bed will accelerate blood circulation and purify the skin tissues. The changing colours, the soothing music, and the diffusion of aromas, will create a magical ambiance.
8 Hydro therapy massage session 08 Then, your customer will enjoy the benefits of massage via 22 hydrojets; 10 Vichy shower jets (above the body), 10 jets targeted below the body and 2 on the soles of the feet. All jets are focused on stimulating blood circulation and therefore encorage elimination of toxins.
9 Hydro therapy massage session 09 While the client's body is being pampered, you can choose to perform a facial or scalp massage, for a total spa experience.
10 Hydro therapy massage session 10 At the end of the program, rinse your customer, to remove all the seaweed residues.
11 Hydro therapy massage session 11 Cover your customer with a bath towel and gently pat him/her dry using a gentle pressure on the body.
12 Hydro therapy massage session 12 When your customer is completely dry, gently massage body milk on the body, using effleurage movements to complete the treatment with a final personal and manual touch.

Words of advice

This type of new generation treatment can be proposed in the form of treatment series from 10 to 12 sessions at the rate of 2 per week. Several techniques such as electro stimulation, vacuum suction, pressotherapy can be used to further improve results.

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