Spa-Jet™ hydro therapy massage bed

Benefits of the functions

The synergy of the Spa-Jet's functions, allows for a diversity of applications for face and body care treatments providing excellent results and customer satisfaction.


10 pre-set programs

Accessible via a multilingual LCD display, the 10 pre-set programs sequence all 12 functions individually or in combination. For each program, adjustments can be carried out on any of the functions in order to adapt and to better personalise the treatment.

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This extraordinary engineering breakthrough creating a single blended energy force through the harmonisation of far infrared heat and steam, allows you to use both of these natural energies individually or simultaneously. Increased body temperatures cause the skin to perspire to keep the core temperature stable (thermo genesis), which enhances cleansing and detoxification. It also increases oxygen supply to the blood stream and tissues, resulting in improved skin nutrition and rejuvenation. Together, these elements join forces to optimise body cleansing, moisturising, and the penetration of nutrients producing advanced skin care.

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Steam sauna

Moist heat is gentler on the body than the dry heat of a sauna because it softens the skin as it opens pores and stimulates perspiration encouraging elimination of toxins. Herbs or essential oils infused into steam will enhance the results. Spa-Jet™ features adjustable temperature steam for body and skin therapy (up to 48°C/118°F).

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Far infrared

The infrared emitters are engineered to produce comfortable heat within the far infrared category, which is the same frequency level as our own body heat (peaking at 9.6um) and thus in tune with our won energy system. Research indicates that infrared penetrates the skin layers more deeply than any other heat source. Deeper tissues are heated as blood is circulated through the body. The end result is that body temperatures are comfortably elevated and blood and lymphatic circulations are increased.

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360 degree Vichy Shower System

The state of the art dual Vichy shower body spray system features 10 above the body and 10 under-the-body shower jets…all with adjustable of the spray direction for a relaxing total-body massage. Three pre-set Vichy shower programs are available as well as a Scottish Shower mode, alternating hot and cold jets.

The Spa-Jet™'s hydrojet system will not only relieve aches and pains, it will also assist the body in eliminating waste, stimulate the metabolism and immune system.

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Hand shower

An indispensible feature to rinse products from your client's body and for cleansing the interior of the unit.

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Tropical rain/Mist system

A unique hydro-mist system instantly disperses vitamins, minerals and oligo elements over the body via the touch of a button. The mist system can have the same powerful effects as a mineral spring's bath.

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Foot spray

Soothe, revive and refresh aching feet with two-foot massager jets that spray water gently over the feet for a special spa experience.

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Vibratory Massage Bed

Engages all of the body's systems to work in unison toward the goal of systemic harmony. Cradling the body, the ergonomically-designed support bed features a patented massage vibration system, featuring continuous and pulsating vibration to stimulate the body's physiological systems.

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Spa-Jet™ features two unique reservoirs that vaporise aromatherapy and herbal extracts to awaken olfactory senses and to enhance results and enjoyment. Pure essential oils and herbal essences stimulate the body both through the sense of smell and through their ability to permeate the skin. Aromatherapy essential oils and herbal extracts may be combined to achieve customised results.

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Colour therapy

Uses state-of-the-art digital lighting technology (LED's) and six (6) strategically located chromotherapy light stations to generate a variety of rich and atmospheric coloured lights. Emanating from the translucent pebble-grain shell, the mood enhancing chromatherapy glow will put your client in a total state of harmony and balance.

Our bodies react to colour in quantifiable, physiological ways. By combining colour treatments with other spa services, their effects are dramatic. Each one of the Spa-Jet™'s pre-set programs featuresa different Colorbath™ with random colour changes and multicolour cross fades made up of all the colours of the spectrum, from soothing and relaxing, to balancing and energising.

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Stereo ready

For the ultimate relaxation experience, Spa-Jet™ features on 150W waterproof speaker which can be easily connected to any audio source (stereo system, walkman…). A headphone jack is also included.

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Cool face air

Cool face air is directed across the face keeping the head cool and refreshed at all times.

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Technical characteristics

Spa-Jet™ features a patented anti-limestone system (SpeedClean®), that will maintain the shower performance 'like-new' indefinately.

Maximum showering comfort is ensured by an integrated thermostatic mixer, which maintains water at the set temperature.

Hygiene is a fundamental element in your spa/institute. For this reason, Spa-Jet™ was designed to ensure easy, practical maintenance and cleaning; no sharp angles or water retention zones. We advise you to use traditional anti-limestone products to eliminate the deposits on the valves and fittings, as well as an antifungal and bacterial spray to clean the bed and acrylic.

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Translucent exterior shell

The Spa-Jet™ constantly changes its look as it reflects and glows from the ambient surrounding light or its own Colorbath™ Chromotherapy system via the pebble-grained, translucent shell, making it a beautiful and stunning focal point for any spa decor.

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Spa-Jet hydro therapy and water massage

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