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Hydrotherapy overview

Dry water massage - A users guide

The aims of a massage
The effects of a massage
Dry underwater massage – Classic Massage?
Dry-water massage - An underwater massage?
Dry-water massage – Warmth Therapy?
Effects and significance of the application of the dry-water massage

Massage and hydrotherapy

What is a massage?
What is hydrotherapy?
Massage benefits for each system of the body

Hydrotherapy and hydro massage products

Medy Jet® hydro therapy massage bed

Why Medy Jet®?
Medy Jet® functions
Medy Jet® chip card
Medy Jet® concept
Medy Jet® colour options
Medy Jet® images
Medy Jet® technical data
Medy Jet® brochure
Medy Jet® FAQs
Medy Jet® indications
Medy Jet® marketing
Medy Jet® business opportunities
Medy Jet® 'sun bed'
Medy Jet® card reader

Spa-Jet™ hydro therapy massage bed

Spa-Jet™ overview
Spa-Jet™ 'Sanitas Per Aqua'
Spa-Jet™ functions
Spa-Jet™ treatments
Spa-Jet™ session example
Spa-Jet™ images
Spa-Jet™ technical data
Spa-Jet™ brochure
Spa-Jet™ FAQs
Spa-Jet™ marketing
Spa-Jet™ business opportunities

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