Medy Jet® hydro therapy massage bed

Why Medy Jet – Principle explained?

Massage from machines comes in many forms from mechanical, to water based.

Mechanical massage is generally not very forgiving on the body and most users can experience a degree of discomfort.

However water massage is very forgiving on the body, in that it naturally conforms to our different shapes and sizes. Water massage has long been accepted as the “preferred option”.

There are two types of water massage available on the market either using “water through water” or “water through air”.

Medy Jet uses a patented “Water through water” system

Powerful pumps force water through water to produce two jets, giving a similar feeling experienced in a spa or hot tub. These jets are however, very powerful, and are computer controlled to work together to give variable and pulsating massage-imitating the therapist. The machines are also very quiet and have the ability to massage either your front, back or sides.

Our competitors use “Water through Air”

Whereby water is pumped through a series of fine jets and through air in a chamber. This method is very similar to a pressure washer being fired onto the user. The general feeling of massage isn’t directional but covers the body in “waves”. Water through air machines are by their nature noisy and offer more of a general wellbeing feeling. Massages are only on the users back.


We genuinely believe for effectiveness, flexibility and build quality, the “Medy Jet” is the best on the market. For your piece of mind we would recommend trying all available machines before making your final decision.

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Medyjet hydro therapy water massage bed

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