Medy Jet® hydro therapy massage bed

Colour options

Personalise your MedyJet with a choice of over 5,000 different colours with either a blue or black top!

Your Medyjet can be matched to your "deco" or company colours!

Medy Jet massage bed detail
Colour swatch - RedColour swatch - OrangeColour swatch - Pastel orangeColour swatch - YellowColour swatch - Pastel yellowColour swatch - GreenColour swatch - Pastel greenColour swatch - TurquoiseColour swatch - BlueColour swatch - Pastel blueColour swatch - PurpleColour swatch - Pastel purpleColour swatch - PinkColour swatch - SilverColour swatch - GoldColour swatch - White
Click on a colour swatch to view the Medy Jet in just some of over 5,000 colours!
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