Medy Jet® hydro therapy massage bed

Business opportunities

The very latest in Hydro Jet Massage technology is now available. Combining water, heat and power to produce a unique wellness experience. Massages that really do imitate the therapist!

Imagine a truly wonderful massage with powerful jets of warm water but without getting wet or disrobing!

The user simply lies on top of the rubber membrane, this is designed to very be strong but extremely flexible, almost like a second skin. The membrane is secured over a sealed tank of “heated water” (so the user isn’t in contact with the water) two independent computer controlled powerful jets of warm water offer a range of massages with direct pressure and pulsation to a soothing rub down. Massages programmed by experts in their field are also stored in the machine or you can customise your own. All massages can be stored on chip cards to recall at any time, all via a touch screen. The user is able to move freely with massages available on your back, front or side!

The benefits are amazing, a massage for anytime, once experienced, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated with a feeling of complete wellness.

Hotels, Country Clubs and Health Farms

Whether traveling for business or leisure, guests can take advantage of this massage service while providing you with an additional revenue stream. Whether after a round of golf or an energetic game of tennis, a Hydro Jet Massage is the best way to relax and rejuvenate those tired and aching muscles.

Tanning Salons

Adding hydro jet massage beds is an excellent way to expand a salon's existing service and with the optional “Sunbed Canopy” existing space can be used. Hydro jet massage will not only assist on retaining current customers, but will increase the salon's customer base by attracting new clientele. Having a massage prior to tanning will greatly increase the effect of tanning. This is due to the increased blood flow at the surface level of the skin.


Everyone loves to be pampered. Providing a 'touch free' Hydro Jet Massage service could add the special touch to someone's spa visit. The service could be included in a “spa package” or offered as an individual service.

Fitness Centers

Staying fit and healthy is the number one objective of health club members. With a hydro jet massage bed, members can warm up or relax, easing muscle pain after a long and strenuous workout.

Holiday Resorts

For guests looking for ways to unwind and completely relax, a Hydro Jet Massage bed is the perfect solution and a welcome addition to many spa treatments.

Beauty Salons

A hydro jet massage bed adds an extra service when provided at beauty salons. Clients will enjoy a massage while waiting for their stylist or manicurist, or why not combine a manicure and facial with a massage!

Personal Home

A hydro jet massage bed is a wonderful compliment to a personal home gym or spa.

Corporate Business

Many businesses and corporations are realizing the need for providing a service for their employees to assist them in managing stress. A hydro jet massage bed can help de-stress employees and improve employee morale.


Can use hydro jet massage beds to prepare patients for treatment. Hydrotherapy massage combined with heat stimulates the muscle tissue assisting in the healing process and well being of patients.


Patients can relax and help relieve themselves of anxiety before dental procedures by using the hydro jet massage bed. Dentists can provide this as a complimentary service or charge a nominal fee.


Psychologists can help put their patients at ease by providing a hydro jet massage before a consultation. The repetitive motion of the heated water gently pulsating against the body has a soothing and calming effect on the patient's nervous system.

Shopping Centres

Entrepreneurs can substantially increase their income by offering a hydro jet massage at local shopping centers. Low overhead and minimal staffing requirements make this the perfect business opportunity for the experienced or new entrepreneur.

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