Dry water massage

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Dry underwater massage – Classic Massage?

A precondition for achieving the best possible effect from classic massage is a relaxed position, free of pain. The water bed of the dry underwater massage table transports the user into an almost weightless condition. The body shape is supported perfectly by the displacement of the water, whether lying on one’s back or front. Depending upon the force and the manner in which hey are applied, the water jets simulate the essential basic movements of the classic massage.

Just as in the manual massage, the water jet massage should start with a stroking action, i.e. with gentle pressure only. This induces relaxations and prepares the muscles for the more intensive form of treatment. The ensuing more powerful massage, applied by the cone shaped jets of water, leads to an expressing effect in the taut muscles or in the deeper muscle layers such as ins achieved in the manual massage for example by strong penetrating strokes with the finders or the back of the hand. The sickle shaped rotary movements of the conical jets of water match in pressure and durations the circulating kneading and flexing of a manual massage.

Through both stationary and sectional application, tense muscle regions in particular can be massaged and treated. Carried out with the appropriate intensity, this equates to friction treatment. The continuous oscillations produced by the movement of the water in water-jet massage can be compared to the vibrations of the classic massage.

Source: Prof. Dr. med. Heinz Liesen
Leader of sports medical institute of the university Paderborn / Germany


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